Responsible Accomplished Technical Services

Janet Wolforth (Hoff) has been working in medical research, 
training personnel and providing technical support since 1996

 Janet Wolforth

Technical Services includes, but is not limited to

 Kidney Capsule Transplant
 Indwelling Jugular and/or Carotid Artery catheter
 Anastomosis small intestine
 Mammary fat pad injections
 Liver Biopsy
 Unilateral Ureteral obstruction
 Necropsy / tissue collection
 Measuring and monitoring tumors
 Cardiac injection

Janet has experience working with a variety of animals    
She began her career as a horse farm manager  Check out Equine Charm School

Recent work includes 5 years placing jugular catheters and performing intestinal anastomosis for Dr. Daniel Teitelbuam



Janet Wolforth,
Sep 25, 2019, 6:58 AM